2012年   「World in microcosmⅡ」

2009〜11年 「見えるか?」

2008〜09年 「キロウサギ」


2008年   「タイムライン」 



2006〜7年  「スカスカLove&Peace」

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2005〜6年  「見えてる?(リメーク版)」

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2004年  「terunuma’sショー」


  1. -anthology of  short  films -

Able to see?

[  DVDジャケット サンプル  ]

ー Able to see? ー 

ART WORKS  2009~2011


価格: 3,000

The main volume "Able too see?" It is the most last chapter of the series.
In a special picture the first part of the series "do see it?" I think that I can understand the contents of the trip of the chief character whom the mysterious world is seen with a mysterious lens called mieteru nozomu when I have you watch it in total because it is collected mor

Included works

Able too see?」  (min)

Do see it?」  (min)

Did you see it?」  (1min)

形式: Color

A region cord: Region 2 (this DVD may not reproduce in other countries.) For details, look at this; specifications of the DVD).
The disk number of sheets: One piece

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